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A New You: Success Stories of the Eze Wellness & Weight Loss Program

Eze Wellness and Weight Loss is a program committed to helping individuals not only achieve their weight loss goals, but feel great doing it! Unlike other programs, we take a holistic approach to weight loss and managment by addressing other factors that effect weight. By examining your lifestyle, sleeping habits and  stress levels in addition to exercise activity and eating habits, we customize a program specifically for you. We believe in taking a practical and balanced approach rather than strict meal plans and calorie counting, in order to help you incorporate weight loss into YOUR lifestyle. Weight Loss is not "one size fits all" and we guarantee 1-3 lbs of loss per week if you follow the regimen recommended through the Eze Wellness and Weight Loss program.

Why wait? Start your journey to successful weight loss today!

**All images and content were approved for display by permission of clients**

Sharita D.

May 2012 (305 lbs)


February 2013  (234 lbs)


Sharita has been committed to her weight loss goals and has had significant success in reducing her weight. As a mother of a young son, she wanted to lose weight to be able to keep up with him and not feel sluggish and tired. By following the individualized  dietary and exercise regimen through the Eze Wellness and Weight Loss program in addition to our formulated all-natural Lipotropic injections, she was able to drop 71 pounds in 9 months!  Her energy level improved significantly and now she is determined to keep up with her new healthy lifestyle.She informed  us that recently when she visited her primary physician for her annual physical, he assumed she had gastric bypass. No surgery here! Just a commitment to the regimen we put her on was what allowed Sharita to stick to a plan that WORKED. Her ultimate goal is 180 lbs and she  is well on her way to accomplishing it!


Deborah K.

March 2012 (206 lbs)


February 2013   (166 lbs)


Deborah has been on the Eze Wellness & Weight Loss program since March of 2012. She came in concerned that her age might hinder her ability to successfully lose weight. She began our program and meticulously followed the recommendations given. She had also taken our exclusively formulated Lipotropic Injection that gave her the energy and appetite control to rapidly reduce her weight. Currently, she is now 40 pounds lighter and feels great! She is well on her way to accomplishing her ideal weight of 140 pounds.


Kimberly H.

May 2012: 323 lbs                    


 October 2012 : 286 lbs


 When Kimberly enrolled in the Eze Wellness & Weight Loss program, she was concerned about if she was ready to enter a structured program and stick to the plan. She struggled with a very busy and stressful schedule, drank sodas everyday and often craved sweets. Before our program, she rarely exercised and experienced poor sleep at night. We began Kimberly’s individualized weight loss plan by making small, gradual changes to her diet and exercise regimen in addition to helping her reduce stress. With these changes, Kim was able to lose nearly 2 lbs every week she was on the Eze Wellness & Weight Loss program. She noticed an increase in her energy, decreased stress and improved sleep.  Kimberly lost 36 lbs while on our program and today she continues to successfully keep the weight off with the
anticipation of losing more.

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